Thane:The moment will be soon. [Coughing fit.] I shouldn’t have run. You did not even need me.
Shepard: You fought for something noble, Thane. As last moments go, it’s not a bad one.
Thane:No… there is one I would prefer.[Thane memory flashback.] Fist slams the table. Shame at my cowardice, my fear. Atonement means nothing.Her hand touches mine. Her lips part and I tremble. “Thane, be alive with me tonight.”

I found the above on an what someone mentioned was leaked script from ME3 involving Thane Krios romance. True or not, I went back to ME2 to look over the last time your FemShep speaks to him again.

At 32 seconds in his eyes glance at Shepard but he can’t maintain eye contact for long. That demeanor is a long stretch from his usual confident self. Even Yeoman Chambers mentions something about his cool confidence. But here he is…opening himself up to you, maybe even feeling unsure of himself.

Then back to the leaks threads on bsn, “her lips part and I tremble”, I don’t think I could ever see Thane as being okay leaving you behind. Not after someone opens their heart up to you like that. If the script portion is real, I wish they would have left it. Regardless, this is my personal head canon.

Very interesting; figured I would share this for all the Thanemancers. Pity they cut this from the final script.

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